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The Elizabethan Consort

provides strolling madrigals,
 setting the perfect mood
 Renaissance festivals,
 Shakespearean plays,
 caroling, and
Christmas parties.

$400 per hour

New: Elizabethan Consort cds now available for only $10.00!
Online orders, please add $3.00 shipping and packaging

Click the titles, below, to hear The Elizabethan Consort:

  Besides a Fountain                                                  Il est Bel et Bon

  Can't Buy Me Love                                                   Sir Greenbaum
  Fa Una Canzona                                          Ode to Sirs Benjamin and Gerald

Now Available on CD!!!
Only $10.00 + 4.99 packaging & shipping
To order, use the "Contact Us" form on this website

Caroling at a CT mall - click photo below to see video                  Click photo below to see us perform
                                                                                                       "Ode to Sirs  Benjamin and Gerald"

Upcoming Performances:

The Elizabethan Consort sings at the Shakespeare Festival at The University of St. Joseph
July 23 - August 9, 2015
(Fridays & Saturdays are the best night to hear the Consort)
Performances are on half-hour before the play


The Elizabethan Consort sings on "Now That's Entertainment!"
view link here:


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