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What is an opera? How is it different from a play?

Can an opera be funny? 


Children will learn the answers to these questions and more.
An excellent introduction to opera.


All performances include a 10 minute pre-show discussion and post-show talk back (question and answer period) as your schedule permits.

Note: travel in excess of 50 miles may be subject to a nominal surcharge

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2017-2018 season

Please note: show run times listed do NOT include pre/post show talk time

What are the opera talks like? Click below to find out.
Opera talk for younger students                                     Opera talk for older students

The Three Little Pigs - A Pig Tale ______________________________________________

Classical music and cartoon characters have gone hand in hand since the early days of Bugs Bunny, but never more enjoyably than in this charming version of the famous children's story. This fast-paced gem features dances, chase scenes, and an exciting surprise finale. Guaranteed giggles throughout!

Recommended for grades Pre-K - 5

Show run time: 50 minutes

Fee: $800.00

       click picture for video

                                                                                                                    sneak peek       

                                                                                                                                                                                                (under 2 minutes)

Fairy Tale Kitchen____________________________________________

           New for 2017!

Meet Esmeralda, a "reformed" witch

who is full of surprises.  Many of your favorite fairy tale characters drop in on her cooking show with hilarious results.  There are plenty of opportunities for audience participation.  Some students will be invited to come up on stage and interact with the characters as part of the show.  Spooky fun for everyone!

Recommended for grades K - 6

                                                                                                     Show run time: 50 minutes

                                                                                                     Fee: $800.00

Little Red Riding Hood______________________________________________________  


The classic children's tale, set to music by Seymour Barab.

Recommended for grades Pre-K through 5.

Show run time: 50 minutes 

Fee: $800.00


(Please note: due to royalties, larger houses may incur additional

  cost for this opera)

 click picture to see video


   The Frog Prince_________________________________

This original production is a comic interpretation of Grimm's fairy tale, featuring music by Donizetti, Offenbach, Sullivan, and more. The humorous libretto and sparkling music make this operetta a favorite with all ages.

Recommended for grades 1 through 6

Show run time: 65 minutes
Fee: $800.00


  click picture to see video

The Cell Phone_________________________________________________


Ben has something important to ask Lucy - if only

 her cell phone would stop ringing! This updated version  of "The Telephone" will "ring true" with today's cell phone crowd.

Recommended for grades 5 & up; best for grades 7-12

Show run time: 25 minutes
Fee: $600.00


(Please note: due to royalties, larger houses may incur additional cost for this opera)

click picture to see video
The Coffee Cantata_________________________________________

Bring your students' studies of classical music to life with this comic take on J.S. Bach.  The modern English translation and audience participation will engage listeners of all ages.

Recommended for grades 3 and up.

Show run time: 35 minutes
Fee: $600.00


   click picture to see video


   Hansel and Gretel________________________

The unparalleled music of Humperdinck has made this an enduring classic for generations. Soaring melodies, a scary witch, and audience participation make this opera a delightful treat for all.

Recommended for grades Pre-K- 6

Show run time: 65 minutes
Fee: $800.00

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****Ask about our accompanying integrated learning materials****

                 Upon request, we will send a download of accompanying classroom activities in  pdf format to your school.

  This printable booklet contains lessons in vocabulary, math, opera history, and other fun activities to be used in the classroom either before or after the performance, and ties in with the opera you will be seeing.

Click below for some samples:

Little Red strawberry subtraction

Little Red musical fractions

Frog Prince Vocabulary

See Lollipop Opera on "Now That's Entertainment"-click below