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Four Wheel Jive

    Add an air of
    elegance  to your
    affair with...

The room is stunningly appointed…

 the crystal is sparkling…

the food is sumptuous…

And now, the final touch…

Your guests enter to the soaring melodies

of Puccini, Mozart, and Verdi.

Serenade your guests with a brilliant selection of operatic gems from Operatifs.  Programs of any length are available and can be tailored to your specifications.  Make your event the one they will remember with Operatifs.

$400.00 - $750.00

click to listen:

Deanna sings "Laurie's Song"

Deanna sings "Lucy's Aria"

Price is determined by number of singers requested. Please note, for the enjoyment of your guests, the piano provided

must be in tune.

Call us at (860) 870-0422

Looking for something special?
Ask us...
We will be happy to create a program just for you...anything from a concert
 to a full-scale opera